Mortgage Application Service for
Industry Professionals provides mortgage brokers, loan officers, and direct lenders a platform for taking a mortgage application online and generating a du 3.2 file which may be imported into the Calyx Point, Encompass, or similar loan processing software. The 10 page online application is easy to complete, and provides mortgage professionals with a tool to take a mortgage application via a laptop computer when in the field or at the office on a desktop machine. The application can be started and saved for later completion. All the entered data is stored into a secure MS SQL database making it editable for a later time. After the application is completed, it is a simple one button click to covert the stored application into a DU 3.2 file which can be emailed directly to a loan processor who can import the file into his or her loan processing system.

See the Features page to see a full list of the application specifications. To test drive the program, click the login link and login to the site as testuser with the same word as the password. You can also create a new user to start from scratch by signing up for our FREE TRIAL.