Mortgage Application Service for
Industry Professionals provides mortgage companies and their customers a safe and secure platform for taking a mortgage application online. The application is easy to complete and is sectionalized in up to 11 pages depending on whether there is a co-borrower and the number of properties owned by the applicant. This web site provides mortgage professionals with a tool for taking a mortgage application on a laptop computer when in the field or at the office on a desktop computer. The application can be started and saved for later completion. All of the entered data is stored into a MS SQL database. After the application is completed, it is a simple one button click to covert the stored application into a DU 3.2 file which can be emailed to a loan processor who can import the file into his loan processing system. A 1003 application may also be generated with the stored application data and this document and other disclosures may be electronically signed by the customer. See the Features page to see a full list of the application specifications.